In the plan of setting up our training arm. The training arm would be for conducting ICT courses and also for software training on all the products we carry. Also in the midst of discussion to work with a PR Consulting company to add on to our ICT Solutions.
June 29, 2008
Software License Management Protection. We found a developer with this type of solutions. Will search for more and make comparisons to choose the best for your use. Please check out here everyday for new updates......!
June 29, 2008

Tobit Software - David users are always up-to-date when it comes to secure messaging. And we as the related reseller regarding Tobit Software products can easily update your installations to keep them working with only the latest technologies, for example by installing the brand-new virus engine which is available for free.

June 29, 2008

Softalk Messaging and Collaboration business Suites

Tobit Software Messaging and Collaboration business Suites

Fourth Elephant robust, cross-platform, real-time monitoring and performance tuning solution for Oracle.

We trust you and we are giving you the Malaysia Best ICT solutions.
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The name is an integration of Malaysia and Best. We reserve our expertise to help you evolve from a conventional business to an Information, Communications and Technology advance business. We trust you and we are going to give you the best solutions.  Being the founder of this enterprise, I have over 10 years of ICT experience in the industries of colleges, security access manufacturer, engineering firm, unit trust company, insurance company and software house. We are a team of financial experts, actuaries, banker, insurance, telecommunication specialist, security experts and technologists of the ICT age and era.

If you have any questions : enquiries on product, enhancement of products, feedback, business opportunity and anything else related to ICT, please contact me and I will reply to you.

Robert Wong (+6016-3231233)





The path of  ICT wisdom and supremacy.
We will walk with you to the path with better ICT usage in your businesses. We are looking into solutions for:
1) Business reengineering
2) Operation automation, integration and digitizing
3) Manual reduction with smart automated process
For the sovereign of your business, we will cater the best.


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